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Происхождение названий некоторых слов и местностей в Ирландии

Пока писала про Кашел, случайно нашла вот это текст:

Скопирую сюда на случай, если страница будет удалена.

Meanings of Irish placenames

Many of the placenames in Ireland are anglicised versions of the way the
original Irish (Gaelic) name was spoken. The settlers tried to preserve the
placenames by writing them phonetically in English. Although this resulted in
some beautiful sounding placenames, it lost the meaning behind
them. This list is not exhaustive, but gives examples of the
more common elements of Irish placenames.

Irish Meaning Examples of placenames

achadh — field — Aghadoe
ard — hill — Ardagh, Ardmore
ath — ford — Adare, Athenry, Athlone
baile — town, townland — Ballydehob, Ballina, Ballinlough
beann — peak, pointed hill — Binroe, Benburb
caiseal — circular fort — Cashel
ceapach — tillage plot — Capparoe, Cappamore
cill — church — Killarney, Kildare, Kilcullen, Kilkenny
cluain — meadow — Clones, Clonmel, Clontarf, Clontibret
cnoc — hill — Knock, Knockroe, Knocktopher
cruach — rounded hill — Croaghbeg, Croaghpatrick
c£m — hollow — Coomcallee, Coomclochan
doire — oak wood, grove — Derry, Derrycarna, Derrygarriv
droim — ridge, hillock — Drumcree, Dromkeen, Drumanoo, Drumcondra
d£n — fort, palace — Doneraile, Dundrum, Dunloe, Dunmanway
eiscir — esker — Ahascragh, Esker
glaise — small river — Glasagh
glaisin — stream — Glasheencoombaun
gleann — glen, valley — Glendalough, Glenealy, Glenroe
gort — tilled field — Gortboy, Gortahork
inbhear — mouth of a river — Dromineer, Inver
inis — island, water meadow — Ennis, Inch, Inistioge, Lahinch
lios — ring fort — Lismore, Listowel
port — riverbank, landing place — Portlaoise, Portmarnock, Portroe
r th — circular fort, mound — Raheen, Raheny, Rathkeale, Rathmore
ros — wood, headland — New Ross, Roscommon, Roscreat
tr — strand — Tralee, Tramore
tuaim — burial mound — Tuam, Tuamgraney
tulach — hillock, mound — Tullamore, Tulrahan
uaimh — cave — Mullinahone, Ovens

The Meaning of Ulster Place Names:
Name: Old Name: Meaning:
Ahoghill Ath Eochaille Ford of the Yew Trees
Altnagelvin High Hillside of the Sparrows
Annacloy Ath na Cloiche The Stone Ford
Annalong Ath na Long Ford of the Ships
Antrim Aontroim One House
Ardglass Ard Ghlais Green Height
Ards Aird Uladh Promontory of the Ulstermen
Armagh Ard Macha Macha's Height. [refers to
Queen Macha]
Athenry Ath an Ri The King's Ford
Augher Eochair Border
Aughrim Eachroim Horse-ridge
Aughnacloy Achadh na Cloiche Field of the Stones
Ballybogey Baile na Bhogaigh Townland of the Bog
Ballyclare Bealach Clair Road of the Plain
Ballygowan Baile Mhic Gabhann Townland of Mac Gabhann
Ballylesson Baile na Leasan Townland of the Small Forts
Ballymena An Baile Meanach The Middle Townland
Ballymoney Baile Muine Townland of the Thicket
Ballynafeigh Baile na Faiche Townland of the Playing Field
Ballynahinch Baile na hInse Townland of the Island
Ballynure Baile na nIur Townland of the Yew Trees
Ballyrashane Baile Rath Seain Townland of John's Fort
Bangor Beannchar Mor the Important Place of the
pointed arrangement
Bann River An Bhanna The Goddess
Belfast Beal Feirste Mouth of the Sandbank
Benburb An Bhinn Bhorb The Rough Peak
Cairngaver Carn Gabhair The Goat's Cairn
Carnalea Carnan Lao The Small Mound of the Calf
Carrickfergus Carraig Fhearghais Fergus's Rock
Carrowdore Ceathru Dobhair Quarter of the water
Castlereagh An Caislean Riabhach Grey Castle
Clandeboye Clann Aodha Bui Descendants of Yellow Hugh
Cloughey Clochaigh Stony Place
Coleraine Cuil Raithin Recess of Ferns
Comber Cumar River Joining
Conlig An Choinleac The Hound Stone
Craigavad Creig an Bhada Rock of the Boat
Cranfield Creamchoill Wood of Wild Garlic
Cregagh An Chreagaigh The Rocky Place
Crossgar An Chrois Ghearr The Short Cross
Cullybackey Cuil na Baice Corner of the River Bend
Cultra Cul Tra Secluded Strand
Cushendall/dun Cois Abhann Dalla / Foot of the blind river /
Duinne brown river
Dalriada Dal Riata Riata's Share
Derry Doire Oak Grove
Derrylin Doire Loinn Flann's Oak Grove
Dervock Dearbhog Little Oak Grove
Devenish Island Daimhinis Ox Island
Doagh Dumhach Sand Hill
Donaghadee Domhnach ? Church of ?
Donegal Dun na Gall Fort of the Foreigners
Donegore Dun na gCaradh Fort of the Heroes
Down An Dun The Fort
Downpatrick Dun-da-leth-glas Fort of the Two Broken Locks
Drumadoon Droim an Duin Ridge of the Fort
Drumbo Droim Bo Ridge of Cows
Drumore Droim Mor Big Ridge
Drumquin Droim Caoin Pleasant Ridge
Dunadry Dun Eadradh Middle Fort
Dundrum Dun Droma Fort of the Ridge
Dunseverick Dun Sobhairce Sobhairce's Fort
Navan Fort/Emain
Macha Anmhain Mhacha The Twins of Macha
Enniskillen Inis Ceithlean Cethlenn's Island
Fermanagh Fir Manach Men of Manach
Finaghy Fionnachadh White Field
Garvaghy Garbhachadh Rough Field
Glasdrumman An Ghlasdromainn The Green Ridge
Glenarm Gleann Arma Glen of the Army
Groomsport Port an Ghiolla Ghruama Port of the Gloomy Servant
Holywood Sanctum Boscum [Latin] Holy Wood
Island Mahee Inis Mochaoi St Mochaoi's Island
Keady An Ceide The Flat-topped Hill
Kells Na Cealla The Cells
Kilclief Cill Cleuthe Church of Wattles
Kilkeel Cill Chaoil Church of the Narrow Place
Killinchy Cill Dhuinsi Church of St Duinseach
Killyleagh Cill O Laoch Church of the Descendants of the Heroes
Kilnasaggart Cill na Sagart Church of the Priests
Kilroot Cill Rua Red Church
Kiltonga Cill Teanga Church of the Tongue of
Kircubbin Cill Ghobain St Goban's Church
Knock An Cnoc The Hill
Lack An Leac The Flagstone
Lagan An Lagan The Small Hollow
Lambeg Lann Bheag Little Church
Larne Latharne People of Lathair
Lecale Leath Chathail Cathal's half
Legananny Stone Monument of the Marsh
Legoniel Lag an Aoil Hollow of the Line
Limavady Leim an Mhadaidh Dog's Leap
Lisbane An Lios Ban The White Ring-Fort
Lisbellaw Lios Beal Atha Ring_fort of the Ford-mouth
Lisburn Lios na gCearrbhach Ring-Fort of the Gamblers
Maghera Machaire Ratha Plain of the Ring-Fort
Magherafelt Machaire Fiolta Fiolta's Plain
Magheralin Machaire Lainne Plain of the Church
Mahee Island Inis Mochaoi St Mochaoi's Island
Main River An Mhin The Water
Malone Ma Lon Plain of Elms
Massereene Coill Ultach Wood of the Ulaid
Maze An Ma The Plain
Moira Magigh Rath Plain of the Ring-Fort
Mountsandal Dun Da Bheann Fort of the Two Peaks
Movilla Mag Bile Plain of the Sacred Tree
Moygashel Maigh gCaisil Plan of the Stone Fort
Moyle Maol Bare Hill
Muckamore Maigh Chomair Plain of the Confluence
Mullaghboy Mullach Bui Yellow Hilltop
Lough Neagh Loch nEathach Eochaid's Lake
Nendrum Naoindroim Nine Ridges
Newry Iobhar Chind Trachta Yew Tree at the Head of the
Newtownards Baile Aird Uladh Town of the Heights of the
Omagh An Omaigh Sacred Plain
Parkmore An Phairc Mhor The Big Field
Pomeroy Cabhan an Chaorthain Hill of the Rowan Tree
Portadown Port an Dunain Landing-place of the Little
Portaferry Port an Pheire Harbour of the Ferry
Portavoe Port an Bhotha Port of the [Monastic] Cell
Portavogie Port an Bhogaigh Harbour of the Bog
Port Ballintrae Port Bhaile an Tra Harbour of the Town of The
Portbraddon Port Bradan Harbour of Salmon
Portglenone Port Chuain Eoghain Fort of Eogan's Meadow
Portmuck Port Muc Port of the Pigs
Portrush Port Rois Harbour of the Headland
Quoile [River] An Caol The Narrow [River]
Raholp Rath Cholpa Ring-fort of the Bullock
Ramore Rath Mhor Big Ring-fort
Raphoe Rath Bhoth Ring-fort of the Huts
Rasharkin Ros Earcain Earcan's Wood
Rashee Rath Sidhe Ring-fort of the Fairies
Rathcoole Rath Cuil Ring-fort of the Secluded Place
Rathfriland Rath Fraoileann Fraoile's Ring-fort
Rathmore An Rath Mhor The Big Ring-fort
Roe An Rua The Red
Rostrevor Ros Treabhair Trevor's Wood
Saul Sabhall Barn
Scarva Scarbhach Rough Place
Scrabo Screabach Crusted
Seagoe Teach Daghobha Daghabha's House
Seskanore Seisceann Odhar Pale-Coloured Marsh
Shankill Seanchill Old Church
Shantallow Seantalamh Old Land
Shimna River River of Bulrushes
Sion Mills Muileann an tSiain Mill of the Fairy Hill
Skegoneill Sceitheog an Iarla Whitethorn of the Earl
Slemish Sliabh Mis Mis's Mountain
Slieve Bernagh Sliabh Bearnach Gapped Mountain
Slieve Gullion Sliabh gCuillinn Mountain of the Steep
Unbroken Slope
Spelga Pass Bearna na Speilge Pass of the Pointed Rock
Sperrin Mountains Sliabh Speirin Mountain of Points
Strabane An Srath Ban The White Riverside Land
Straid An tSraid The Street
Strangford Lough / Strong Fiord / Lake of the
Loch Cuan / Loch Cuan Harbours
Stranmillis Srithan Milis Little Sweet Stream
Struel Sruill Stream
Swatragh An Suaitreach The Billeted Soldier
Tamlaght Tamhlacht Arda Burial Ground of the
Tamnamore An Tamhnach Mhor The Big Green Field
Tandragee Toin re Gaoith Backside of the Wind
Tara Temair na hArdda Eminent Hill of the Promontory
Tempo An tIompu Deiseal The Right-Hand Turn
Toberdoney Tobar an Domhnaigh Well of the Church
Tobermoney Tobar Muine Well of the Thicket
Tobermore An Tobar Mor The Big Well
Tollymore Tulaigh Mhor The Big Hillock
Toome Tuaim Burial Mound
Torr Head Cionn an Toir Headland of the Pointed Hill
Tully Bay Ba na Tulai Bay of the Hillock
Tullyrusk Tulach Roisc Hillock of the Marsh
Tyrella Teach Riala St Riail's House
Tyrone Tir Eognain Eoghan's Land
Ulster Ulaidh Land of the Ulaidh
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